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IT PROJECT (പച്ചക്കറി വിഷം)  


"Education should, while imparting knowledge or 'Vidya' as well we call it, also instil a sense of social responsibility in the pupils. Such responsibility is not divorced from the legitimate aspirations of personal advancement. Pupils should be encouraged to their energies with enthusiasm to bring about positive improvements to the communities in which they live. I am sure the teachers, students, alumni and others associated with the school are sensitive to this need and are working towards the goal. I wish them every success". (K. R. Narayan, President of India, in his message dated 19-3-1998) 

"Run by the Presentation sisters, the Presentation High School, I am sure, must have made tremendous progress over the years, inculcating in students the national spirit and moral and spiritual values, apart from giving them good and sound education" (Sukhdev Singh Kang, Governor of Kerala, in his message while the school is celebrating its Silver Jubilee)

"A tree is known by its fruits. It is a tested and proven tree. The school has been preparing and presenting winners to the world. Let it continue to thrive and contribute to the nation its mite for a better tomorrow". (Rev. Fr. Paul Chittilapilly, Bishop of Thamarassery)

"All through the past years the school has kept high standard both in curricular and extracurricular activities. The school is under the management of the Religious Congregations of Presentation of Mary in the Temple and the management has been always keen in seeing that the staff of the school gave their best attention to the intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical formation of the students. The public at large is of the opinion that the school is one of the best in the city of Calicut, which is proved by the rush for admission for the children which the parents seek at the beginning of every academic year". (Bishop Maxwell Noronha, Bishop of Calicut)

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