Presentation Higher Secondary school, Chevayoor, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

                History of School

                                            "Where tireless striving stretches 
                                              Its arms toward perfection"

            Prompted by the impulse of the Holy spirit and being sensitive to the concrete needs of the time two young Italian ladies Francesca Butti and Maria Rossi ‘responded with enthusiasm to God’s call’ and formed the Presentation Congregation on April 7th 1833, in the picturesque Italian city of Como. Their mission was to dedicate themselves to the instruction, education and formation of young women and to their inclusion in the field of labour. While branching out, they chose to set up an educational institution in the ancient city of Kozhikode in Kerala. The delegate from Italy Sr. Lucina and the local council wanted to impart education for the moral and spiritual upliftment of the young children. Under the direction of the gracious Sr. Lucina who sanctioned the necessary funds and along with the manager Sr. Silvia representing the educational institutions in India, two courageous, high-spirited nuns Sr. Roselit and Sr. Elizabeth bought three acres of land from Adv. Joseph Jacob Kynadi in the Chevayoor area of Kozhikode.

                                                     "Let noble thoughts come to us from every side"
                                                                                                                                                                 (Rig. Veda)

           Fortune smiled on the dedicated nuns. Prof. Alexander Zachariahs, Mr. Jose Austin and Mr. Palai K.M. Mathew, the inspired young men of the area gave wholehearted support to this idea. In 24th June 1973, Presentation Montessori House of children opened the gates to the children of the locality. The bungalow within the compound functioned as the nursery school and convent. Sr. Elizabeth was the first Headmistress of the Montessori School. Kamalam was the first helper and Rathi was the first girl student. The total strength of the Montessori School was sixteen.

            As there were no English Medium Schools in the vicinity, there was a dire need for it in Chevayoor. The founders wanted to run it along Public School lines with the friendliness of a local school. The idea was welcome, for the aspirations of the people could be realized. Thus, the Presentation Central School was established under the able guidance of Sr. Roselit on June 24th 1974. Christabel was the first teacher there.

            The setting up of the school was a daunting task. An NOC had to be secured from the Govt. of Kerala. The CBSE pattern was adopted following NCERT guidelines. Prof. Alexander Zachariah assisted by Mr. Jose Austin and Mr. Palai K. M. Mathew worked with great determination for getting recognition. Prof. Vijaya Madhavan was chosen as the President to represent the Parents to develop the school along the stipulated guidelines. Sr. Roslit was the first Headmistress of the school. Sr. Elizabeth was the local administrator. Mr.K. Balakrishnan’s daughter, Sreeja S Bal was the first child admitted in class I.

           Brick by brick, the school was laying a strong foundation for its future growth. Year after year new classes were added. The Italian Congregation provided funds for a new building. A Yesudas-Nite in 1983 added to this fund. Five classrooms were constructed. The new block was modeled according to Central School Stipulation. A full-fledged laboratory was set up.

            In 1983 the first batch of 14 students appeared for the CBSE exams. Mary Cherian secured the first rank in the state. In deference to the wishes of the people and the particular needs of the time, a switch over to the Kerala Board was initiated. Mr. Vijaya Madhavan, Mr. Narayan Dy.S.P, Mr. K. Balakrishnan of Radiant Batteries and other prominent parents of the CBSE executive committee worked hard for the switch over. With the persistent effort of the management, PTA Presidents and other well-wishers, in 1985 the school obtained permanent recognition from the Kerala Government and there was a switch over to SSLC Board. The school flourished and extended its domain.

           In 2000, the Higher Secondary Section was added and it started functioning in the newly constructed ‘Mother Lucina Memorial block’.

          All these years the school has maintained a record of cent percent pass. From ’93 the students have regularly figured in the merit list. The 97-98 batch surpassed all expectations and brought new laurels to the school by securing 9 Ranks.

          The school has been fortunate that in all the phases of its development the most suitable Head Mistress was at the helm of its affairs. Sr. Roselit nursed the fledgling school and took meticulous care in all the details of its functioning. When Sr. Leticia took charge in 1979 she had to tackle with many problems not the least of which was getting N.O.C by the Kerala Board. Under her dynamic leadership the school flourished. In 1979 when she left for Italy as a General Councilor, Smt. Komalavally became the Head Mistress. A retired DEO, she brought her inimitable style of functioning and the school spread its wings. The atmosphere became warm and friendly with the correct blend of liberty and control. Sr. Regina was the next Head Mistress who followed the traditions of her predecessors with her deft personal touches. Sr. Roselit is the present Head Mistress, a renowned academician and at the same time, an icon of love and affection. Under her able guidance, the school has grown to further heights. With her warm and caring attitude, and motherly care for the students, the school has become a happy family with the students, parents and teachers interacting with each other towards making the school one of the best educational institutions in Kerala.  


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