Presentation Higher Secondary school, Chevayoor, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

  Blessings from School Manager




Sr. Rose Mary, Manager

  Sr. Rose Mary

We the management of the school swell with pride for paving a way to launch the school website to the public, i.e, the outer world through your strenuous endeavor. This endeavor would take our school and its strategies far and wide. "Hats off" to you. Our heartfelt gratitude finds no bounds. Hope this praise worthy effort will inspire many enthusiastic buds like you. We extend a warm welcome to all those who contributed their strength and vigor in the success of this venture. We wish and pray that the Almighty God may pour out His blessings on you and on all those who helped and supported you in its creation. 

                                      GOD BLESS YOU.

                                                                                                   Thank You,
                                                                                                   Sr. Rose Mary



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Presentation Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode