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Sr. Regina John, Principal, Presentation Higher Secondary School  Sr. Rejina John, MA, BEd, BGL

Websites are the amazing windows to an unrestrained world of knowledge. Undoubtedly they provide greater vistas to a wide range of knowledge. It interlinks people and has really globalised the world today. Marvelous blend of versatile skills of creativity, efficiency and hard work add to its success. A website in the honour and name of P.H.S.S created by a young girl, Sreelakshmi Suresh of Std IV is all the more an exiting piece of information. It is a great pleasure for the school to express its soul and frame to the farthest end of the world through the channel of the website.

'Greater incentive generates greater motivation and better performance leads to sweeter victory'. Yes, She may be a sheer asset to the world of I. T and I on behalf of the Plus Two, sincerely acclaim her ingenuity, motivation and performance. 'It made all the difference'.

I convey my sincere appreciation to her 'Gurus' and 'Parents' who act as beacons in her life.

The motive behind for complementing her on her work at this stage is to indisputably elicit perfection at higher level of excellence.

May the almighty hold you close with his heavenly blessing.


                                                                                                           Sr. Rejina John



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