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    Mother Lucina Karimali





Mother Lucina Karimali



(28-05-1923 - 09-08-2002)


Mother Lucina (Irma Karimali) the first born and the daughter of Joseph and Leticia was born in a village called Rosathe, in Milan, the ancient city of silk. Coming from an ordinary background she had to take up on herself the arduous task of looking after her brothers and sisters, Joseph Mario, Emili and Carla respectively soon after her studies. Basically a peasant girl attuned to a world of love and tranquility, she found the experiences of the second world war devastating and her inner peace blown into smithereens. She felt the war her left anguishing impression on the life of people in distress. To this desire prompted her to join a convent. She opted out it of the Presentation congregation and entered it on 10th August 1945. Irma did her first profession on the 11th August 1947 and accepted a new name as Sr. Lucina which means 'Light'. 

Thus she started her humble work as a teacher dissipating the darkness of ignorance and radiating the light of joy and knowledge among her children. She committed herself totally to God on the 11th August 1950 by doing her final profession. in 1960 she was assigned the new and challenging assignment of forming her young sisters. Thus she entered her activities at Como, the capital of the congregation. Our first Indian sisters had the privileged opportunity to be formed by her. It was in December 12, 1968 that she first stepped into Indian soil having been invited and supported by the Bishop of Tellichery. It was the irresistible missionary zeal enthusiasm of Mother Theo dalinda that stirred up her interest in setting foot in India. She was also supported by the Arch Bishop, Mar Valiyamattam, to overcome the initial crisis. her team had been permitted only a temporary visa. They had to return to Italy on the expiry of the visa. But persistent effort helped her to return to India 3rd October 1970. She bore the dual responsibilities of the religious formation of the sisters as well as the delegation, from 1971 to 75. It was in the year 1972 that the congregation opened its branch in Kozhikode. From that time onwards she had been very cooperatively associating with the Bishops of Kozhikode Rev. Fr. Patroni and Rev. Dr. Maxwell Noronha respectively. She had very cordial relationship with the priests of CMI congregation, of the Jesuit provincial house and also the Bishops of the diocese of Kozhikode and Tellichery. She administered Indian mission successfully and unselfishly and sometimes heroically, for 25 years. It was in her time that we could extend our mission to Andra Pradesh and Gujrat too!

She had an uncircumscribed love towards humanity which was a feather on her crown. As a religious superior, the Daughters of Presentation were greatly nourished by her exceptional devotion to the Holy Eucharist, the Blessed Virgin, her spouse St. Joseph and undaunted in the intercession of the Holy souls. She had been spending the rest of her time in extending humble service to her sister after her retirement, staying at the regional house, the house which she loved most dearly. Her heart had been vibrating throughout with the joy of dedication. The journey of life which was flowing very smoothly and gently was suddenly cast ashore on the 9th August 2002. Her living presence is still being poured on her dear ones in the guise of showers of blessings.     



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